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    “Had the most beautiful reading from Abby Rose! She truly has a gift and the

messages I got from loved ones was amazing. It blew me away what she said and

how much she knew. I was so touched by the reading that I was even brought to

tears. I’d highly recommend her! We will be back!” - Katie Bates


Hello. My name is Abby Rose. I am a creative Spirit Artist whose Psychic gift, my Vision renders

me a Medium and a messenger. I have been a professional Spirit Artist, Psychic Medium, and

Reiki Grand Master since 2011.

Since I was about 13 years old, I’ve been communicating with family members who had passed but were still very much around us. In junior high, I would connect my friends to their departed family members who would want to say something to them. 


In 2010 I realized I had a gift for drawing portraits of loved ones past. While at work one day, I was doodling, and I drew a portrait. I knew that this portrait was for one of my coworkers. I handed it to her, and she was shocked. Coincidentally, she brought in a picture of a departed family member to scan at work that day. We compared pictures. The portrait that I drew was of her grandfather.


It was shortly after this that I knew being a creative Psychic Medium, a Spirit Artist, was what I am meant to do: To connect loved ones and be a messenger for people through words and drawings.




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