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12-12-12 Gateway

Dear Beautiful beings of light, what will be happening on an individual level and as a whole to earth on the gateway of 12-12-12?

Dear Beautiful Soul, the light marker of this time will replenishing atoms that have been disrupted by your society and culture. New beings of light and love will be reborn from the amazing creation of rebirth.
Endings of sorts will take place, and many have been mourning for parts of ego and past are dieing, that no longer fit into this new way of life.

Creation is what is becoming of this new time and on many levels.

This date 12-12-12 is a doorway metaphorically, a doorway in which upon the light that sheds its beauty on all who dare to see will transform ideals and past will be cleared.

Upon arriving in this new state of glory all whom wish to serve humanity in whatever way they can, shall be brought to a higher realm of existence. The gifts many of you have been working on will automatically get a power serge and things that were unclear to you before will no longer exist with the parallel you knew.

Courage and strength are tools you have learned in your own process of transformation; at last you will see the victory of all your hard work Warriors of Light. For your strength and courage are important truths to owning the hearts greatest gifts. These tools of strength and courage will be the victory to all whom you help on earthly planes. Those in need of your assistance shall find strength in you, which will inspire their own awakening.
Manifest in your imagination by looking closely within, closely at your heart, as what will spring fourth with amazing dexterity, shall be reflected by the depth of feeling.

God bless all who walk the Earth. Be showered with our gifts, and own the truth of your heart with conviction.
Thank you so Much!

© 2012 AbbyRoseSpirit