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As a Medium, with my gifts and with a spirit’s guidance, I read the energy surrounding you. I’m able to

connect you to your loved ones who have passed on and to those beyond like Spirit guides and Angels.

With my gift, I can help guide your life’s journey and your spirit’s path. Through me, spirits are able to

contact the living. I can communicate with loved ones, spirit guides and the divine to bring you

connection, clarity, and healing.

For my channeling to provide you with the most clarity, it’s important for you to have an intention for our

session. An intention, like a prayer, asks your loved ones to reveal themselves, provides more clarity and

better accuracy

When loved ones who have passed reveal themselves to me, they come with their personalities intact. I am a channel, and your loved one’s messages and conversations come through me. 

My gestures and facial expression often mimic departed loved ones.

Loved ones who have passed enjoy talking about you, provide clarity about where they are and what their

lives are now.

With my gift, departed pets can come through me. They’ll let their owners know that they are at peace.

Pets speak to me through kinetic gestures, and through those gestures, their personality. Your pets often

still watch over you from the other side. Often, they will even talk about their owners current pets.

Medium Channeling – Online via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom:

$55 for 30 Minutes or $100 for 60 Minutes.

Reading with art $150 for charcoal +$10 shipping

Reading with art $200 for 60 color paster +$10 shipping

Medium Channeling – In-Person

$70 for 30 Minutes or $120 for 60 Minutes.

Reading with art $200 for 60 minutes 

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