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As a Psychic, I can see your past, feel your present and read into the future. I can provide clarity to your questions about love, career, relationships, and more. With my gift, I can help guide your life’s journey and your spirit’s path.


I can Intuitively read career and business opportunities and choices, look at things from a higher perspective. With my gift, I can offer fresh solutions and strategies as you look towards the future. I can see into a clients career/business intentions, current direction, opportunities, and choices in the future. With my gifts, I can read outcomes as well.


I can read into both partners energies and dynamics. I can see into the dynamics of your relationship.With my psychic gifts, I can offer solutions and insight on the direction of your relationship. I can see howthe personal dynamics between partners may affect the relationship. With my gift,I can see how a partners past relationship may be affecting their current one. I can offer solutions, clarity, and give you new perspectives on how to maintain or heal a relationship.


I can offer spiritual support and guidance to you. I can provide light for your own unique individual pathand purpose. I can help you better understand your higher source and the messages sent to you from Universe.


With my gift, I can read your health. I can identify areas where your body may be misaligned or desires attention.


I also can read your pets. I can read into I can read what pets are thinking or how they may be feelinghealth-wise. I can feel what they may be suffering. I can also offer insight and clarity into your pets past traumas that may be affecting them presently.

For my psychic intuition to provide you with the most clarity, it’s important for you to have an intention for our

session. An intention, like a prayer, provides more clarity and

better accuracy

 As a Psychic, I can see your past, feel your present and read into the future. I can provide clarity to your questions about

Elevate your next gathering with Psychic Connection. I can travel to your and your guests where

everyone can connect to those who are beyond us. These gatherings and readings can include Spirit Art.

Psychic Gatherings - Please conta​ct me directly for more information and rates.

Psychic Reading – Online via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom: $55 for 30 Minutes or

 $100 for 60 Minutes.

Psychic Reading – In-Person

$70 for 30 Minutes or $120 for 60 Minutes.

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