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 Spirit Art is a type of reading. I use the language

 of art rather than spoken language to communicate 

with your loved ones. I draw portraits, landscapes and

 familial objects belonging to those who have passed to

the spirit world.



With my Gifts and with a Spirit’s Guidance, with my Vision and my Creativity, I’m able to connect you to

your loved ones by drawing recogizable portraits of them. My artistic images build layer upon layer until I

hear a whisper in my mind and the image appears before us. Make an Appointment

I call them “Healing Portraits.” In these portraits, you are able to see your loved ones again in tangible

form. I use mostly chalk pastels and/or charcoal for my drawings on (what) paper. Oftentimes, someone

else can see things in a portrait that I didn’t even realize I had drawn. These Portraits are entirely

channeled and no photographs are ever seen or used prior to or during the Spirit Art reading.



















 I first realized my gift and my talent one day at work. During a meeting, I doodled a picture of an older man’s face. I knew the picture was connected to one of my coworkers. After the meeting I handed her the drawing and she said, “OMG that’s my grandfather, I just brought in his picturetoday to scan it on the office scanner. We compared the photograph to my drawing and it was my

coworker’s grandfather. Below is a gallery of my “Healing Portraits” compared to their pictures (received after).

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Spirit Art - $250 +$10 shipping, Size: 14” X17”,  Online*

20 to 30 minutes to complete. I will mail you your portrait for you to frame. The spirit art session will be

followed by a 30- to 45-minute phone/vocal reading.

*Please note: My online spirit art drawings are done live via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom.

In Person

60 minute Medium Reading with Spirt Art- $200, Size 14"X17"

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