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With Reiki, I channel positive life force energy,

release energetic blocks, and fill those spaces with

positive life force energy.

As a Reiki Grand Master I am attuned to channel positive Reiki energy or positive

life force and can direct energy to release blocks, align your energy, relieve stress,

assist in pain relieve and recovery, assist in healing you emotionally, mentally,

physically, and spiritually.

I channel Reiki to energetically cleanse, heal and protect your energetic bodies, by working with your chakras (The seven main energy centers of in every human body). By using my gift as a reiki practitioner I access higher levels of the universal life force energy. I enhance your connection with divine consciousness. I release what’s blocking this positive energy flow in your energy centers and fill your spirit with positive life energy. 

I am a Reiki Grand Master taught by Anurag from Bhopal India. He taught me the art of release, healing,

and attuned me to all Reiki levels. Reiki is a combination of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual healing and methods ofaccessing higher vibrational manifestations of the universal life force energy. Let’s move together toward

peace and healing.

Reiki Distance and in office healings - $100 for 60 Minutes. In person or online

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Reiki Healing

Be a Reiki Master. One-on-One Reiki Healing and Classes

I’m a qualified Reiki Grand Master. I provide powerful reiki healing and teach one-on-one reiki classes

(level 1, 2, and 3). These services can be done in person or online. Call or email me today to set up a



What You Will Learn in Reiki 1
  •  Knowledge and Attunement of Reiki 1

  • The History of Reiki and How It Came To Be

  • Reiki Self-Healing and Healing Others With Reiki and Reiki Hand Positions

  • The Seven Main Chakras and How Each      Chakra Corresponds to the Emotional,Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being

  • Different Procedures Using Reiki To Heal                      Yourself and Others

What You Will Learn in Reiki 2
  • Knowledge and Attunement of Reiki 2

  • Basic Reiki Symbols and How To Use Them

  • Distance Healing and Various Processes To Send Reiki Distance Healing

  • Using Reiki To Increase Intuition

  • Reiki House Clearing

  • Using Reiki To Heal Past Situations

  • Using Reiki To Positively Charge Future Situations

Become a Reiki Master
  • Knowledge and Attunement of a Reiki Master

  • Knowledge and Use of Reiki Master Symbols

  • Reiki Master Healing Techniques

  • Past Life Regression and the Knowledge

  • To Conduct a Past Life Regression Meditation

  • Crystal Master Healing Techniques

  • Using Crystal Pyramid, Crystal Pendulum,               Gemstones To Clear Spaces, and Crystals in                  Elixirs 

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