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Abby Rose is a Professional Psychic & Spirit Medium,

 Spirit Artist, Intuitive Consultant & Reiki Master since​ 2011 

Offering In-Office, Phone, Facetime and Zoom Readings, Reiki Healing and Classes

Through the Connection of my Psychic Gift to my Creativity, 

I connect spirit together. My Vision renders me a Spirit Artist, a Medium and a Messenger.

I connect spirit with itself. I connect spirit to its path. 

I channel spirit's energy for it to fully bloom, for Clarity.

Hello. My name is Abby Rose. I am a creative Spirit Artist whose Psychic gift; my Vision renders me a

Medium and a messenger. My dedication to this gift, lead me to Reiki for which I am a Grand Master,

Healer, and Teacher, channeling and drawing positive light into dark, spiritual spaces to heal them. 

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Psychic Art,  A spirit art portrait by, Abby Rose
Psychic Readings, Gain insight and clarity
Psychic Medium, connected with loved ones and pets passed
Reiki Healing, Release energetic blocks and receive positive reiki energy

Spirit Art:

I use the language of art rather than spoken language to draw portraits, landscapes and familial objects

belonging to those who have passed to the spirit world. (learn more)


As a Psychic, I can see your past, feel your present and read into the future. I can provide clarity to your

questions about love, career, relationships, and more. With my gift, I can help guide your life’s journey

and your spirit’s path. (learn more)


As a Medium, with my gifts 

and with a spirit’s guidance, I read the energy surrounding you. I’m able to

connect you to your loved ones who have passed on and to those beyond us. With my gift, I can help

guide your life’s journey and your spirit’s path. Through me, spirits are able to contact the living. I can

communicate with loved ones, spirit guides and the divine to bring you connection, clarity, and healing.(learn more)


With Reiki, I channel positive life force energy, release energetic blocks, and fill those spaces with positive

life force energy. 

(learn more)

Join me in my Circle of Spiritual Creativity, Connection, and Release.

Welcome to Healing and Growth in this Garden.

Let’s unfold your spirit’s possibilities, clarity, and growth here.

Let’s move together toward peace and healing. 

In these spaces, learn more how we can bring your spirit

to full bloom.

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What People Are Saying

“My Father passed away 24 years ago. There hasn't been one day since

then that I haven't missed him & wished I could talk to him. He & I were extremely

close. I was his favorite & he was my favorite! After being with Abby for one minute

I was in tears. My Dad's presence was so strong. He sent me messages through Abby

that only he would know.

One message was about the car he bought me when I was a teenager 33 years ago !!!!! It was a beautiful experience. I was very skeptical & I was not going to have a reading. People told me it was a bunch of b.s. & that it was a waste of money. But my friend Cathy kept telling me how every time she gets a reading from Abby, she connects with her Mother that passed. I would give anything to have a moment with my Dad so I tried it myself to see if it was real. And let me tell you, Abby is the real deal! And it was the best $60 I ever spent!

She told me stuff about my children & my family that were absolutely accurate. She spoke of our business & was right on! She even told me personal stuff about my marriage that was true! My husband & daughter decided to have readings too and they both were amazed at the accuracy of Abby's reading. I am now a true believer and I can

not wait to have another reading. My husband & Daughter feel the same way and

our son plans to join us for a reading next time too.

And the picture Abby draws while doing your reading is amazing in itself. What a talented Artist !!! Thank you soo much Abby. You have brought joy to my heart knowing that my father is ok & is always with me & my children, guiding & protecting us. God bless you. You truly are gifted. It was a pleasure meeting you & I look forward to seeing you again real soon.”


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